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First article testing

First article testing is often required for companies supplying products to various departments of the U.S. Government (Department of Defense, Army, Navy, etc.). This testing typically involves evaluating a contractors initial, preproduction, sample model or lot, to ensure the contractor can furnish a product conforming to all contract requirements. 


We have provided testing services and related expertise to government contractors and suppliers, including:          

       Over 20 years experience

       Professional staff dedicated to providing high quality services

       American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) certified

       Fabrication capabilities available to provide fixturing and equipment support 


Generally, First Article testing involves subjecting the product to various physical and/or environmental conditions that it will be exposed to during its service life, and may involve the following:   

     Vibration sine, random or sine-on-random

       Shock half-sine, sawtooth, squarewave

     Temperature/Humidity extreme high/low temperature and humidity conditions

       Thermal Shock cyclic exposure between high and low temperatures

      Salt Spray/Corrosion exposure to aqueous salt atmosphere

       Altitude/Vacuum low pressure exposure

       Acceleration motion induced acceleration loads


Tests can be conducted at the component, sub-system, or full-system level, with Government (DCAS) witnessing for tests also available. Projects have been conducted for manufacturers and suppliers in a variety of industries including:





       Commercial industries



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