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The Fabrication Center


Our Fabrication center and machine shop provides the support and resources to customize any test, build test apparatus, or create a fixture to accommodate any size or shape test article. The mission of the Fabrication Center is to provide direct support to our test facilities and provide state of the art equipment to our customers.  We take great pride in our ability to develop mechanical, electrical, and control components, integrating them to develop custom test equipment.  We are dedicated to designing and fabricating products to satisfy the testing needs.

MGA Fixtures


Fabrication operations are available to both produce specialized equipment required for testing, as well as the fixtures that are used to “marry” the test article to the system hardware.  The engineers and technicians at this facility understand the importance of providing high quality equipment and fixtures, so as to assure that the test results are precise, accurate, and highly repeatable.


Services available to support this activity include:

▪     Design capability using CAD programs including solid modeling capability

▪     CAD/CAM capability using CNC machines

▪     Complete fabrication capabilities including material preparation, machining, welding, painting.

▪     Fixture verification through use of calibrated equipment by trained personnel.




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